Photobucket PAL ECONOLIGHT FARE offers a great value with “no frills” for price conscious travellers. One will be amazed at how much cheaper the rates could get when you purchase econolight airfare tickets which are available only via online-booking in their website.

My recent trip this month to Cebu cost me a one-way, total fare of only P896! Imagine saving almost 50% more than the other airlines’ already budget really Hit A Bargain!

PAL econolight fares are offered for domestic flights and selected Asian destinations. Check their website for more details.

On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate this offer? Does it Hit A Bargain?
1 – a bogus offer! not a bargain at all!
2 – common offer…not exciting.
3 – a tickling offer to think about.
4 – hard-to-resist offer.
5 – no need to think! offer has Hit A Bargain!!!

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