Cool Summer FREEBIE !

Cool Summer FREEBIE !

The summer heat is on…
and here’s a real COOL promo for you guys!


Get one (1) FREE aircon* cleaning service for every three (3) aircon cleaning services availed at COOL DUDE!

Why choose Cool Dude aircon (a/c) cleaning service?

  • free freon status check-up
  • free compressor status check-up
  • a/c cleaning solution is used and NOT soap or alternative cleaning agent, which can damage a/c components
  • TLC handling
  • thorough cleaning
  • honest diagnostics
  • expert scientific advice

*Promo applicable to window type units only. Photobucket

  • Cost of cleaning of each a/c unit is P400.
  • Promo: SAVE P400!  Pay P1,200 only for cleaning four (4) a/c units (until June 30, 2009)
  • Text: 0917.520.0102 or 0922.850.0102 and mention: hitabargain to avail of the promo price.

Save on electricity bills by having clean air-conditioning units!
Save on energy!   Save the earth!

On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate this offer? Does it Hit A Bargain?

1 – a bogus offer! not a bargain at all!

2 – common offer…not exciting.

3 – a tickling offer to think about.

4 – hard-to-resist offer.

5 – no need to think! offer has Hit A Bargain!!!

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