Globe Duo Best Value Mobile Landline


To date, the best-value mobile landline in the Philippines is offered by Globe Duo.

Below is an extensive review from our friend contributor who is currently a Globe Duo subscriber:

I’ve always wanted a mobile landline for 2 reasons:

1) I want my kids to be able to reach me while I’m mobile using any landline for FREE; and

2) I want my business associates to have a toll free way of contacting me (since I am mostly mobile and do not want to give away my home number).

In the Philippines, we have quite a number of service providers offering mobile landlines. Namely, PLDT, BayanTel and SUN.  However, all these providers require you to purchase a separate mobile phone (unless you have one of those dual sim models) to be able to use their service.  This fact, on top of other bad reviews I’ve read about the unreliability of these mobile landline services (i.e. unclear, hard to call, erratic signals) has always kept me from subscribing to a mobile landline service.  This service is simply not at par yet with the coverage and reliability of say a GLOBE or a SMART mobile phone service.

Last week, my curiosity was piqued as I was driving along EDSA and saw on a billboard Globe’s latest service offering called DUO.  Using my Globe Handyphone, I called Globe customer care via 188 and inquired about the details of what they claim to be unlimited landline and Globe-to-Globe calls.

Below is what I gathered:

For P399/month (minimum of 90-days subscription), Globe post-paid subscribers can already get a landline number (using the existing Handyphone sim card) and make unlimited* calls to any landline and Globe Handyphone.  No additional handset required! It simply can’t get any better than this.  Upon registration (more on that later), you are given a 7-digit mobile landline number and that’s it.  You’re good to go!


  • Unlimited landline calls (within NCR or Cebu depending on where you registered)
  • Unlimited Globe to Globe calls (if you call the DUO mobile landline number of another Globe Handyphone subscriber)
  • Clear and reliable calls using Globe’s cellular network (assuming of course they don’t deteriorate over time when more people subscribe to this service)
  • No need for an additional handset


  • P399/month is on top of your monthly subscription plan (you cannot downgrade while subscribed to DUO service)
  • *Globe DUO is limited to NCR and Cebu service areas only.  Meaning, the unlimited landline calls only apply to those service areas (e.g. if you register in NCR, you get unlimited calls within NCR only; the same logic applies to Cebu).  Unlimited Globe-to-Globe mobile phone calls only apply to those Globe subscribers who have also subscribed to the DUO service (by dialing a DUO mobile landline number because regular rates apply if you dial a Handyphone number).
  • The minimum subscription period is 90-days but you receive a reminder 3 days before every 30-days expire if you want to renew.  This kinda gets confusing unless you really track how many renewals you have made.  I’ve already suggested to Globe customer service to send a special text message 3 days before the 90-days expire because normally subscribers don’t track these things anymore.  Warning: If you have not met the minimum subscription period of 90-days and opt not to renew, you are slapped with a P1,200 penalty!  So make sure you use the service for at least 90-days.
  • If you do not renew after 90-days and decide to re-subscribe to the service again, the system gives you a new DUO number (which is kind of a hassle since you need to inform your contacts all over again).

I hope I was able to clearly explain the pros and cons of Globe’s DUO service.  It may not be for everyone, but I’m happy with it so far  as it gives me the extra freedom of being able to make crystal clear and free landline calls while on the go.  Not only that, my kids are smiling as they know they can easily reach me even if they have run out of load.

To subscribe:

Text “DUO MM ON” and send to 8888 and you will receive a notice if you wish to subscribe to DUO.  Once you’ve replied YES, you receive your new mobile landline number.

Note: You may leave a comment below for clarification / inquiry about the Globe Duo review. The instructions above is for Metro Manila Globe subscribers only. Please call 188 using your Globe Handyphone for more details if you are in Cebu or other service areas (in case Globe offers this service to more areas in the future).

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