Congratulations to all the HOTSHOTS Flame-grilled Burger Meal Winners!!!

Congratulations to all the HOTSHOTS Flame-grilled Burger Meal Winners!!!

FREE HOTSHOTS Flame-grilled Burger Meal winners were chosen according to how their comments enticingly described food offerings they’ve chosen from HOTSHOTS menu together with the number of shares of the promo they made.  However, there were some of those (among the first choices of winners), who never replied to our email about their information details (to be given to HOTSHOTS management for the freebie redemption). So, unfortunately, their entries were considered void.

Nevertheless, here are the list of final winners!  Congratulations to you all!!!

Enjoy an ultimate burger meal experience!

1st Winner: Stonibert Lim

2nd Winner: Helen L. Blas

3rd Winner: Alely A. Chan

4th Winner: Frances L. Ariola

5th Winner:  Maria Joan Joaquin

6th Winner: Stacy Lyn Liong

7th Winner: Cheryl Matias

8th Winner: Aulie C. Aldaba

9th Winner:  Cornelio S. Mallare, Jr.

10th Winner:  Vivian V.  Aguilar

11th Winner:   Franchesca Rivera

12th Winner:  Joy Mesina Bahia

13th Winner:   Michael Yu

14th Winner:  Cherry Chan

15th Winner:  Nica Mandigma

16th Winner:  Christina S. Callangan

17th Winner:  Rosette R. Omana

18th Winner:  Kaythrine M. Bigueras

19th Winner: Joy Wong

20th Winner: Ma. Paula Rhove R. Ortega

An email notification will be sent to the winners!  Thank you to all who participated in this promo!

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